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Haynes, Jeffrey

Dr. Jeffrey Haynes is Emeritus Professor of Politics at London Metropolitan University. He received his Ph.D. from Staffordshire University in collaboration with the University of London.

The United Nations Alliance of Civilisations and the Pursuit of Global Justice (UNAOC): Overcoming Western versus Muslim Conflict and the Creation of a Just World Order
2018 1-4955-0634-7
UNAOC's (The United Nations Alliance of Civilisations) raison d'etre is to link both elite and non-elite people with an interest to its concerns, including senior politicians and diplomats, as well as representatives of civil society. The overall purpose is to create, embed and develop a durable and evolving network of state and non-state, secular and faith-based, entities in order to enhance civilisational dialogue and thereby undermine chances of inter-civilisational conflict.