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Art of Man Ray: Text and Images: Book 1: An Interpretation of Fetishism in the Art of Man Ray and Book 2: 429 Images Exemplifying the Art of Man Ray

Bound in One Volume

Man Ray/Emmanuel Radnitsky (1890-1976) was a pioneer in the medium of photography as art and has the reputation of being one of the most innovative photographers of the 20th century with his creative contribution resting largely on his Surrealist photographic images. His version of Surrealism is fleshed out in this study with its radically different interpretation of his work to broaden our understanding of his involvement with fetishism and algolagnia. This volume includes 429 Black and White Photos.


“Presser’s persistence and forensic applica-tion have paid off. He has unearthed an astonishing array of relevant visual material, assembled here in this impressive volume. Having carefully sifted and sorted through countless suites of visual images and genealogies of gendered mythopoetic forms, Presser produced not only a compelling artist profile but a rich iconography of a highly important aspect of modern art.”
Dr. Helen McDonald,
The University of Melbourne

Table of Contents




1. The Enigma of Man Ray

2. Images of Power

3. Ariadne Syndrome and the Unmasking of the Bimbo

4. Camouflage and Masking

5. Man and Juliette

6. Bibliography

7. Index