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The Five-Hundred-Year History of the Yuan Shikai Family of China: The Yuan Chronicle

Dr. Chao and Dr. Yuan-Gee have collected the family history of Yuan Shikai (1859-1916), a Chinese military leader during the Qing Dynasty. The work collects family interviews and documents detailing five-hundred-year history of family and the family home in the Xiangcheng in central China.


"... this manuscript must be given credit for providing new and essential biographical data on Yuan's family history and structure, his wives, children, and grandchildren, based on personal conducted in various places in China."
Professor and Director of the Institute for Asian Studies, Dr. Bernadette Li,
St. John's University

"The [monograph] provides sources demonstrating the change of the treatment of Yuan's family through the years after the death of Yuan. The survival stories of Yuan's descendants reflect the change of government policy toward a historical political figure. Although many family members died because of self-indulgence, poverty and political suppression, others survived. The renovation of Yuan's family memorials in the 21st century can be understood as a new way to channel the evaluation of Yuan's role in modern Chinese history."
Professor Jingyi Song,
State University of New York at Old Westbury, Long Island

Table of Contents


Illustrations and Charts



Chapter I: Ancestry, Genealogy and the Rise of Yuan Family

Chapter II: Early Life of Yuan Shikai Childhood and Youth

Chapter III: Formation of the Yuan Family Background

Chapter IV: Grandsons with Personal Interviews

Chapter V: Granddaughters with Personal Interviews

Chapter VI: Great Grandsons with Personal Interviews