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Artistic Ideals of Graphic Design Artists in the Television Industry

This work analyzes the aesthetics of television design in the broader context of art history and theory while examining the motivations, work practices, and creative ambitions of contemporary design practitioners. Based on interviews of the graphic artists who produce such works, this book offers, for the first time, first-hand information about how these individuals understand their own work. The underlying question studied was: do these individuals fulfill an artistic objective in how they approach their craft? The result is a highly detailed qualitative insight into how television graphic designers work and view their craft that can provide the basis for later research.


“The work will be an invaluable source for students hoping to become professional designers. With its interviews of working artists and its careful descriptions of the workplace, the text reveals a clear picture of what this career choice means in terms of creative opportunity as well as challenge. Scholars of media will discover a glimpse into an aspect of television that is rarely studied.” - Dr. Philip S. Kipper, Professor Emeritus, Broadcast & Communication Art, San Francisco State University

“Dr. Ulloth’s work is a clear and detailed study as to how the more traditional principles and precepts of art influence today’s graphic artists and visual designers and how they balance artistic principles, such as aesthetics, against the demands of producing visual content that meets the needs of the client for whom the work is being produced. . . . The author’s methodology and results provide a clear, comprehensive and astute look at the burgeoning field of visual design and those who employ it. The conclusions from this research give insight into the diversity of experience and influences of aesthetic and other traditional artistic principles graphic artists and designers bring to their craft.” - Professor Helen E. Bieber, Department of Electronic Media, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Table of Contents

Foreword by Philip S. Kipper
Foreword by R. Arnold Gibbons
Foreword by Helen E. Bieber
1 Visual Design: The Problems of Evaluation
2 Examining the Background of Graphic Designers
3 Biographers of Several Early Graphic Designers and Schools
4 Production House: A Historical Review of Charlex
5 Graphic Design: Young International Agency: PRO/CREATE Design and Communications
6 Academic and Professional Preparation and Practices of Designers at British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
7 Large Broadcaster: NBC Cable, MSNBC
8 MTV: Graphic Design at a Music Network
9 Survey of People Working in Electronic Television Image Production
10 News Constraints: A Case Study
11 Electronic Technologies, Graphic Artists and Their Art
Appendix: Questionnaires Used for Study of Graphic Artists