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10 Reasons to Publish Your Book with The Edwin Mellen Press

  1. Mellen’s sole criterion for publication is that a manuscript must make a contribution to scholarship. We are an independent scholarly press and we do not accept grants or subsidies.

  2. The Edwin Mellen Press publishes books intended to be read by scholars. Therefore, Mellen titles contain full documentation and a literature review.

  3. Mellen books are acquired by research libraries worldwide. For example, London has 4,926 different Mellen titles, Harvard has 4,731 and…

  4. Munich4,498 Toronto3,940
    Berlin4,388 Yale3,305
    Paris3,968 Columbia3,551
    Zurich2,645 California2,850
    Oxford2,621 Princeton2,690
  5. Because Mellen books are included in research library collections, each Mellen title will have 12,000 readers during its shelf life.

  6. To maintain high scholarly standards, Mellen requires two blind peer reviews recommending the publication of each of its titles.

  7. Mellen usually completes peer review and book production in 180 days.

  8. Mellen books are: typeset to DDA specifications, printed on non-glare, acid-free paper, hand-sewn, and bound in hardcover full cloth. We also publish softcover copies and textbooks.

  9. Post-publication, Mellen titles average 4-6 reviews in scholarly journals.

  10. Mellen displays books at 100 academic conferences each year, and it advertises its books in the national media and scholarly journals.

  11. Mellen titles are permanently cataloged by the Library of Congress and always remain in print.

For inquiries, please send your book idea to:

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