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Our Production Process

The first step in the book production process is for the author to submit to the press a complete manuscript, formatted in our required style. Mellen's formatting requirements are set forth in our Manual of Style. Our Production Manager will send a copy of this book to the author.

Stages in the Production Process
  1. After an author submits his/her final manuscript, the Mellen Production Manager confirms that is has been proofread and the formatting and style is correct.
  2. The Production Manager confirms that the press has received everything from the author's check list that is needed to process their book for printing.
  3. Mellen's Titling Committee decides the title of your published book.
  4. The Production Manager approves the illustration the author has provided for the book's front cover. Mellen also requires authors to provide us with formal professional photograph for the book's back cover.
  5. The Production Manager registers the book with the Library of Congress and the British Library (and later sends them the required copyright deposit copies).
  6. The Production Manager assigns the book an ISBN number and lists the book on our website.
  7. Before publication, the Mellen Marketing Manager will contact each author to develop an individualized promotion and book review campaign for their book.
  8. After publication, the Production Manager deals with author requests for any changes that they desire to make in the printed text of their book.