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The Lame Duck President: What Can Barack Obama Do in His Final Year?

The discussion of this book deals with the action-reaction syndrome which typifies American government , in which a President's success (like Obama's by moving the country in a somewhat more liberal direction) produces a degree of resistance that makes any farther success that much harder.


"While a president can delay lame duck status and the ensuing drift through luck and finesse, it always arrives eventually. By the seventh year all conversation has turned to who the next occupant of the White House will be. The tip toward lame duck status for the Obama Administration was set in motion just six weeks after the president's reelection, on what he called the bleakest day of his presidency - the Newtown, Connecticut of twenty children of six children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary, December 14, 2012 ... Ever since, the Obama Administration has had to struggle against lame duck irrelevance and drift in domestic policy."